It’s Here!

I finally made up my mind and decided to spend a large sum of money on a diaper bag 😂

But whatever. It makes me happy!

I actually found a very good deal on a BNWT (brand new with tag) Jujube BRB (Be Right Back) in the Hello Kitty Out to Sea print but it is too girly for my husband to carry it. Luckily I didn’t back out from the purchase and asked the seller instead if she has any BRB to let go. I don’t mind a used bag as long as it is EUC (excellent used condition). She has a few more BNWT BRB and from the few I selected The Navigator print. 

Which matches my Be Quick! 😆

I’m so thankful that H didn’t scold me or anything for buying an expensive bag. In the end, he agreed that the BRB is a good bag because it is so spacious and suitable to carry items for two kids. All these while we only used a laptop bag which is not very practical 😂😂

Anyway, I’m happy to own a Jujube bag and I guess once you own a Jujube, you will be addicted 😅

I’m keeping a close eye on the BST page on any good deal on Jujube items. I really want to own something from Tokidoki prints. The obsession continues 😅

It’s so gorgeous! Now whenever I feel sad or down, I just look at my bag and my mood will constantly lifted 😅

One this off my wishlist!


My First Jujube!


I own a Jujube 😁

I’m starting small. This is only a Be Quick so it’s not so expensive.

Futhermore, I bought if from a BST page so it was way cheaper than retail price.

So so happy with my purchase!

I see it as a start of a collection. I’m eyeing that page everyday so if I see something worth buying, for example, a BRB sold for only RM500 in my favourite print I will buy it 😅

I’m procrastinating for so long already 😂 I have missed so many good bags with excellent price because I was unsure whether to buy or not.

I won’t stall anymore next time? 😅


Just let me fantasize about these items because they are crazy expensive and I cannot justify myself buying them even though I really really want them 😂

1. 4Moms Bounceroo

Just a bouncer without any special features besides looking SO FREAKING NICE. It has 3 different rythmic bounces (bee, waves, heartbeat) with 3 speed levels (low, medium, high). It retails for RM999 on, isn’t that crazy? But I know it is expensive because of the brand. Actually it is quite affordable now because it is currently on sale for RM399 but the sale will end in 26 hours so go cry 😂 

I have some money saved up and I will definitely buy this if my baby is still a newborn or a month-old or so, but buying this item today won’t benefit me for long. Baby A will start crawling soon and I don’t see she will like being in that bouncer. She doesn’t like being cradled in my arms, doesn’t like sitting on my lap and definitely hates lying down on the mattress. She absolutely loves “standing” and doesn’t mind being on her tummy. She likes it when she can see what’s happening around her.

So, no buying this bounceroo for now even though it is on SALE. Ohmagaddd…so hard to let this go 😂

Or I could just buy it and save it for our next child? Hahaha.

2. Jujube BFF Diaper Bag

This bag is so crazy expensive depending on the pattern. The Legacy collection’s price is expecially ridiculous. The highest price I saw from various websites is RM899 and the lowest RM689 😱

Okay la. I cannot afford to buy it brand new so why don’t buy preloved ones, right? Wrong! Even preloved Jujube bags are still expensive! The price is still around RM500-700 for bags that are in a very, very good condition or almost new. So cry a river haha 😂

I did found cheap preloved Jujube BFF but the pattern is not my favourite. And yes, even that still retail for RM400 or so 😒

3. Ergobaby Adapt

I remember lusting over this when Baby A is still a newborn and I was all alone at home during my confinement with her and my toddler. I remember needing extra hands whenever I have to manage her sister or doing something like cooking or simply sweeping the floor. At that time, Ergobaby Adapt just came out on the market and not widely available in Malaysia so it was super super expensive. I really really wanted this carrier then because I don’t know how to use the traditional hambin, not owning a wrap which was so suitable to carry a newborn, and all I know about baby carrier is just SSC. 

So naturally, when a SSC came out that can be used from newborn age, I gravitated towards it in an instant. Also, Cheesie whom I first saw using really influenced me because she could get so much things done using the Adapt! But this is very expensive tho. The original Ergobaby is already so expensive so of course the Adapt is more expensive.

It retails for RM699 on Littlewhiz but it is on sale now for RM559.20. Such a good deal! DH, can I buy it? 😢

My Boba 4G still works fine but it was a little worn now and the rubber bands are all stretched out. Out of the items I listed here, I might buy the Adapt first. Or if not, other SSC because…I just want a new one hehe 😅

For now, keep on saving money 😂