Introducing Baby #2: Labour & Delivery Story

Haven’t properly introduced her to the blogging world, though, I doubt many would read this blog – I like my blog to be public but with a small audience haha 😅

I delivered my second baby on the 9th November 2016, at 1.01AM, exactly 1 hour past my due date. I have been having contractions all day on my due date which is on the 8th. At 6PM, I asked my parents to send me to the hospital because the contractions were regular and getting stronger. Upon admission, I was only 2cm dilated but the hospital admitted me right away.

Indeed, the contractions were getting stronger. Everytime I felt the wave I feel like I have to stand still and hold my breath. The nurses noticed my pain and around 11PM+, I was checked for dilation again. I was 4cm and at 11.30PM, they sent me to the labour room. I was shocked I was only 4cm though because the contractions were sooooo painful.

Not long after I arrived in the labour room, the doctor broke my water. What happen next happened so fast. My contraction pain seem like doubled or tripled, coming in waves after waves. If I had to describe the pain, it was as if a knife was slicing my belly from the inside over and over again. The pain was sharp and fast and strong. I still shudder whenever I think about it because it was so unlike my first time. 

Around 12.30AM, I feel like I wanted to poop and I pooped for real 😅 I called the doctor and told him I had pooped and I said I couldn’t stand it anymore and I wanted to push. He checked my dilation and you know what? It was already 9cm! No wonder the pain was so intense! I feel like I could die right then.

They prepared me for labour but at that time, I was already exhausted from the contraction pain. I had no energy to push because I didn’t eat dinner (big mistake!) But I don’t have any other choice – I have to do it anyway. I pushed and pushed and many times during labour I feel like I wanted to give up because it was hard, my technique was wrong, I had no energy to do it, etc. I requested for vacuum but they encouraged me to do it naturally. I kept repeating “I can’t do it” and I think I even cried a little because I feel useless for not being able to find the strength to push my baby out.

*I found out later from my sister (she is a nurse there; the doctor and a few of the nurses on duty that night were her friends) that the doctor had booked an operation room just in case 😱

But at last, when they saw the head, I feel like it is not long now. When the next contraction came, I held my breath as long as I could and kept pushing until the head is out. The shoulder is next and the rest of the body and I successfully delivered my baby!

She was only 3.1kg but the experience or birthing her 😱

People said it is easier to give birth to your second child and the next comparing to the first, but I disagree. It is still hard, still painful, and still give you a near-death experience. And I don’t know why, but I can feel every inch of the pain during this second childbirth. I can feel exactly when her head came out, I felt the “ring of fire” (didn’t feel that with my first), I felt my skin tear, I felt EVERYTHING. It was a very vivid experience for me.

Baby #2 came out to this world crying loudly 😁 Although I feel a tiny bit disappointed that she was indeed a girl, I fell in love right away with her. I’m a fool if I don’t after all those sweat, blood and tears.

Welcome to the world, Baby #2! She looks a lot like her sister at first but at 3 months young, they look completely different 😅



New Blog

Are you in for a joyful ride? 😆

Hello and welcome to old and new readers 😊

I have a habit of starting a new blog whenever I feel bored or uninspired. So this time was no exception. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my old blog. Hence, the new blog.

It is also hard to write blog posts from my mobile because there are no good apps to make blogging on Blogger easier. I don’t have time to write from my laptop and my laptop is not in a good condition anymore, so my only option is blogging from my mobile. I find the WordPress app is easy to use and I like the look of it. That’s why I chose WordPress as a new start for my blog. I hope I will settle with this blog for good 😅

I am a stay-at-home mom to a toddler and a baby so my blog is basically about my motherhood journey. My blog used to be about beauty stuff because I am such a cosmetic junkie, but not anymore. I will share a bit about my life, my kids, the things I’m passionate about like books and K-dramas (haha) and whatever I feel like sharing. If you are a mom like me, maybe you can relate 😅

My blog is nothing much, I might not update it as often as I should (you know, mom!) but I hope it will give you pleasure reading it 😊