Can I be brutally honest? 

Sometimes I feel like my kids are such disappointments.

Can’t help feeling that way when I try so hard to do something for them. For example, teaching and encouraging M to talk. I asked her to repeat what I say but she just shrugged, refused or said something else 😬

I try so hard but see no results.

Like all my efforts going down to the drain.

Baby also disappointed me when she doesn’t want to nurse when I have so much milk! Her refusal led to supply drop and I have to nurse her much frequently to build the supply back.

Am I horrible to feel something like this? I just can’t help the feeling.

Or maybe I’m at fault for them to be like this.


Straight to the Trash

I am currently obsessed with brow products so after the brow tint, I bought a brow mascara.

This was RM38++ at Watsons.

I totally forgot about it yesterday and just remembered about it so I took it out and wanted to test it.

And found out the wand brush has broken 😬

What a complete waste of money!

Can’t even rant about it on IG because I don’t want H to know that I have wasted RM38++ on a useless makeup 😂