Life Update

I read my old posts and realized how much I loved blogging and how I missed doing it 😂

I don’t know what was going on with me for the past couple of months without blogging, but safe to say, I was lazy 😅

While my kids are still sleeping, I’m going to blog a bit of updates about our lives. 

First, right now the kids and I are at husband’s hometown. We have been here since last week, and are going to be for another 3 weeks, I think. Two weeks for husband to complete his safety course in Selangor, plus one more week of holiday, then we will be back in Kuantan. 

The last time we were here (the kids and I) was around May-June (husband’s had a month-long course in Alor Setar) and it was HORRIBLE. The kids were clingy to me and miserable. But this time (knock on wood) they are okay, thank God. Better than last time, phew!

A bit of update about me: I lost some kgs after that terrible phase in May-June haha! So at least there is a good thing coming out of that stressing period – I lost weight! I bought a new jeans that fits me better, and although my body is still out of shape (flabby everywhere), at least I’m on the right weight haha 😁

Matilda is becoming more verbal. She can speak in sentences now although they come out wrong 😂 For example, instead of saying “I want to watch Tsum Tsum” or “I want nenen” or “I want Calciyum”, she will say “You wanna watch Tsum Tsum?”, “You wanna nenen?”, “You wanna Calciyum?” 😂😂😂 Because we always ask her whether she wants something/asking her questions, so she repeat those sentences back to us 😂 But it’s okay cos that’s a progress and improvement from before. Now we switch from saying “you” to her name so that she will repeat that instead. So from saying “You want nenen?” We say “Tilda want nenen?” Like that.

But there are still lots of thing she couldn’t say. She couldn’t answer if I ask her “What is your name?” But she could answer perfectly if I point to me, husband and her little sister. She could name us “mommy” “daddy” “Agunis”. It quite bothers me why she doesn’t know her own name. Recently I asked her back that question and she said that her name was “Chester” (her cousin whom I talked to her a lot).

Oh yeah, Matilda also can give excuses now! Although it’s just something as simple as one word: her sister’s name. Whenever I tell her I want to clean her ear or clip her nails, she will always say “Agunis” 😂 Meaning, she wants me to do her sister instead of her haha so cheeky 😂😂

My baby Agnes is going to turn 11 months next week 😢 One more month to a year old! How fast time flies, right? I’m a bit emotional when thinking about this. It feels like I had just given birth to her yesterday 😂 I thought I will feel like this only for my firstborn but noooooo it happens for every baby, you know 😅

Agnes is such a tiny, tiny thing no matter how much she eats! My concern about her is her weight, or the lack of gaining it 😭 At 10 months young, she is only about 7kg 😭😭 Dunno if it’s because of high metabolism or what, cos as far as I know, she eats fine. Everything about her is good except her weight gain. That being said, she is a pro at crawling, can cruise and stand with support. Can interact with people by giving and receiving things, can put things into a box or basket. Still has no teeth yet but they are coming soon, I guess, cos her gum is super swollen right now.

Okay, that’s about it. My eldest has woke up and my little one just finished nursing and seems to doze off to sleep again. Until next time 🖑


Don’t Need New Pants Hahah

Jealousy is good when used in a positive manner. In my case, it is a good motivator!

Earlier I blogged about how jealous I felt upon seeing a friend who slimmed down drastically after giving birth and my frustration towards my stagnant weight. Guess what? This week I did a little change in my diet and by the end of it, I finally could wear my old pants!

Even though I could barely fit (tight as sarung nangka 😂) but the feeling of fitting in my old pants, my pre-pregnancy pants is just so thrilling! I can finally say bye-bye to my maternity pants for good….for now 😅

So what did I do? It is not a big change but still could produce results and that’s what I want. I just reduce my coffee/sweet drinks intake to twice a day (before, I drink as much as I want) and control my carb intake. I just eat as usual but I don’t take seconds. If I really want to eat somemore I just eat lauk and drink lots of water after that to keep me full. I did snack in between meals but all I eat is just lactation cookies or brownies with water. 

My milk supply fluctuated a bit at the start of this new diet – maybe because I eat a bit less or maybe because I drink green tea (milk killer?) but I just persevered and a few days later, my supply returned to normal. But I also stop drinking green tea 😞 I’m afraid that my supply will not return to normal if I keep drinking.

I did take a few supplements to help with weight loss; Shaklee Omegaguard to help burn calories faster and VCO to flush it out because I was a bit constipated ever since I give birth.

So yeah, I managed to lose some weight faster with a little change and I hope I could maintain this! I would love to lose 2-3kg more so that my pants would fit comfortably but I am pleased enough as of now 😁

(Update) Baby A

Haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I wanted to 🙁

Baby A is really, really cranky and fussy right now she really tests my patience to the limit. I guess two major developments are coming our way; one is rolling over, and two, (didn’t see this coming THIS soon) teething! I swear a teething baby is such a pain to deal with 😣

Her upper gum is starting to look swollen and maybe that’s what making her so uncomfortable. Dunno when her first tooth will cut through – how soon does a baby get her tooth? 5 months? 6 months? Anyway, I guess I have to deal with her fussiness until the first tooth comes out 😣

She has rolled-over on her own a few times but it is not perfect yet. She always got her hand stuck under her body 😂

She grows up so fast 😭 She will be 4 months in 3 days 😭😭