Can Someone Explain?

I have a friend. We are of the same age. We got pregnant about the same time last year, and gave birth around the same time, too. Only a week apart. 

It was her first child and it was second for me. She had a boy though, and mine was a girl.

I met her last weekend and I was shocked to see her appearance. She was skinny!

She was more of a curvier type of woman before – always has been her entire life I think – and she had never been this skinny even when she was going to get married. But how did she get so skinny after giving birth! It was mind bogling for me.

I could no longer use “age” and “slow metabolism” as an excuse to why I haven’t been able to lose weight after having my second. I figure it is hard to lose weight when you are over 30 because your metabolism has slowed down, but alas, such case did not apply on my friend.

Was I jealous? Oh yes! 

She is also a stay-at-home-mom like me and lives away from her family and friends because her husband works in Putrajaya. I guess her routine is pretty much the same as me. I don’t know if she is on a diet and workout as well but from the look of it, she is living the same lifestyle as me.

But I can’t figure out how she lost all those kgs she gained and then some just from taking care of a baby, breastfeeding and doing housechores!

I’m breastfeeding too but why I still can’t manage to lose weight? My weight has been stagnant for months now. I’m stuck at the same number. I’M supposed to lose weight faster because I have not one but TWO critters to take care of. 

Is it because my body has carried a baby twice so my metabolism and everything that’s essential to lose weight have gone haywire? Is it because my hips have delivered two children they are spread apart so much that I couldn’t fit into my old jeans back? Is there a difference in a woman’s body according to how many children you have? Say I have my third child when I’m 35, will someone aged 35 lose weight faster than me after giving birth with their first child, while I lose weight slower because it is my third child?

Dunno why I get so worked up about this. Maybe because I am forever feeling frustrated with my non-existent weight loss and this ill-feeling towards my friend 😣


9 thoughts on “Can Someone Explain?

  1. mommyb says:

    wah sa pn tekejut jg la dari curvy p slim pas branak ni.. mgkn dia stress or diet bh kn chii who knows.. but sa ada jg few kawan yng begitu ni.. kurus ramping pas ada anak .


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