Can I be brutally honest? 

Sometimes I feel like my kids are such disappointments.

Can’t help feeling that way when I try so hard to do something for them. For example, teaching and encouraging M to talk. I asked her to repeat what I say but she just shrugged, refused or said something else 😬

I try so hard but see no results.

Like all my efforts going down to the drain.

Baby also disappointed me when she doesn’t want to nurse when I have so much milk! Her refusal led to supply drop and I have to nurse her much frequently to build the supply back.

Am I horrible to feel something like this? I just can’t help the feeling.

Or maybe I’m at fault for them to be like this.


9 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. Alis Padasian says:

    Dont feel that way.. i found that budak mmg begitu. The more u expect something them, makin pula dorg x mau buat apa yg kita expect from them. I always buat x layan my kids. Dorg yg pandai dtg kasi tunjuk kepandaian masing2 smpai naik rimas pula πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  2. Anne says:

    Pandai sndri juga yu chii…tp tula kita ni mama kadang mau drg atleast tunjuk perubahan skit kan. Masa dania start skola bru sa ada perasaan disappointment ni sma dia tp itula mmg x patut2 ba sa rsa hbs masi kici ba kan….πŸ˜”


      • Anne says:

        Its normal πŸ˜‚ i dont mind to tell this kind of subject or feeling because kalau bg sa kan the more sya kstau or express kan the more sya determined to do better and mmg make me feel alot better hehehhe


  3. mommyb says:

    sa rajin btl dulu sama c hazel tnjunk kira tunjuk colors smua skg sama luke macak saya malas ..hihi.. but mmg rasa down bh kalau apa kita buat teda hasil kan


  4. Von @ Whimsical Whisper says:

    My daughter is the same. But never get angry at them, because that will send negative vibes to them. If they don’t wanna do it, don’t force, just introduce a little bit. You will not even realise one day that they are doing what you had taught them before, they are full of surprises! πŸ™‚

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