I’m not losing weight as fast as I wanted but looking from the photos taken all 4 months postpartum, I did lose weight.

This is embarrassing but this is how I looked at the final weeks of my pregnancy. I was either 39 or 40 weeks – just counting the days to give birth. Really swollen and fat from all the weight I gained. I hated taking pictures during that time but I just took this single photo as…I dunno…reminder, I guess. I totally lost my jawline – even my mom noticed that and pointed that out – I was really round!

This was around Christmas. I think I was about 1.5 months postpartum. I lost weight quicker when I’m all alone at home managing 2 kids while on confinement diet which was nothing but soup and rice. At this time, I was feeling better about myself and thought I could celebrate Christmas not looking like a whale haha

This is my recent pic. Four months postpartum. I got my jawline back!

Better angle.

Even better angle 😅

My current weight is not consistent but safe to say I was 3kg to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’ll be happy if I just lose the 3kg but my goal is to lose 5kg so that I’ll fit my old clothes better. I still haven’t been able to fit my jeans and that frustrated me a lot. With my first, I was able to at 3 months postpartum ok 😅

I don’t know what I do differently this time. To be honest, I should be losing weight faster la because basically I’m working out all the time managing 2 kids and housechores. I eat like a normal person, didn’t take seconds and snack only occassionally. I’m also exclusively breastfeeding. But the weight still drop very slowly aaaaa 😣

Slow metabolism due to age, I guess. Getting old.


7 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Alis Padasian says:

    Ok bah… ada progress. Attending 2 kids alone is no joke. Mcm wotk out juga. After 2nd pregnancy i totally let myself go, letting it be, embracing the shape it wanted to be.. hahaha… nasib ada kesedaran..


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