That Bag is an Expensive Band-aid

It is one of those days when I feel down and not feeling motivated.

Everything is a drag.

Feeling kind of sad, too.

Some said don’t wait for someone to give you happiness but look for it yourself.

In my case, can I buy it? There is a bag I really, really want for a long time. It is expensive but I have money to buy it. If I buy it, I’ll be happy 😅

It is also one of those days where I feel incompetent as a mom.

My toddler is going to be 3 in 2 months time and she still have speech issues and is not potty-trained. She also only eats fried food and hates veges.

I look at her and see my “failure”. 

A child reflects how is she being raised (or what kind of parents she have), her teachings at home and if people see her they must think her parents (or more specifically her mom) are not very good in doing her job.



Now can I buy that damn happiness?

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12 thoughts on “That Bag is an Expensive Band-aid

  1. mommyb says:

    beli saja lah chii bikin booster semangat mau jaga anak2 . ok bh c matilda tu chii.. tp mau bnyk ja bercakap sama dia la ..plg sbgs kalau dia ada kawan lah .. dulu c hazel tu kan abang sa cakap bobou sb x berapa pndi ckp. then km stay d kg mcm 2month plus trus dr sana dia pandai becakap ni and now macm org tua sda dia ckp cuma tu sebutan dia x brp la clear la .


    • francesmaryvale says:

      Ya hari tu time kami di twu mmg improve ba sbb banyak org kan keliling dia. Mmg pandai sda ckp sikit2 then balik sini balik lg mcm dulu. Selalu ba sy cakap sama dia tu tp adeiii mungkin sy selalu tengok yg negatif sj. Tu la risau sy ni mo balik kg laki nnt banyak assessment durg. Mcm sy x mau balik sj owh


  2. Anne says:

    Beli saja chii klu sya kau hahaa Maybe kan baca buku sma M chii manatau dia pandai catch some words kan 😅 Kalau sa dlu kna ckp anak x penah sa peduli hahaha buat yg x perasaan tu,kasi biar drg ckp2 anak org nnt drg kena balik tu 🤣 seriously…


  3. Alis Padasian says:

    I dont give a f*cking damn on other’s assessment about my kids. Yeyen pun belum potty trained with a speech issue as well. She only eats porridge with fried fish/chicken sometimes omelette. I know she will just fine like reza juga tu. Malas sdh mau stress2 mcm sma c reza dulu.


  4. slippersunderthebed says:

    Bila sya baca “failure”. Sya pun kdg2 tefikir si Ndall pun mcm proof failure utk sya. Bukan pasal keadaan dia ja. Tp tu potty train, apa yg dia mau makan, memilih. Kdg2 apa anak kita buat mcm reflect sama kita kn padahal we already tried our best to change itu semua. Stress oh. 😭


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