Random Favourite

I want to share something very random that is my favourite.

A jug! Haha 😅

From the looks of it, there is nothing fancy about it. It is not the most beautiful jug. It is only made of plastic, not glass, seramic or fancy china. But why do I like it?


If you make coffee at 8AM, it will still warm(ish) at 11AM. I never test how long it could make the coffee warm, but I think it could keep coffee (er, anything) at a nice temperature to drink around 2 hours.

How it looks like inside. Again, nothing fancy-shmancy. Just a smooth surface, no crevices whatsoever that makes it so easy to wash.

And the best part is, it only cost me RM15.90! 

The secret. The jug is polyurethane insulated that’s why it is able to keep drinks hot and cold! It comes in 2 sizes; mine is the smallest at 1.3L but it is perfect for the both of us.

The best jug to make kupi Tenom!


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