Introducing Baby #2: Labour & Delivery Story

Haven’t properly introduced her to the blogging world, though, I doubt many would read this blog – I like my blog to be public but with a small audience haha πŸ˜…

I delivered my second baby on the 9th November 2016, at 1.01AM, exactly 1 hour past my due date. I have been having contractions all day on my due date which is on the 8th. At 6PM, I asked my parents to send me to the hospital because the contractions were regular and getting stronger. Upon admission, I was only 2cm dilated but the hospital admitted me right away.

Indeed, the contractions were getting stronger. Everytime I felt the wave I feel like I have to stand still and hold my breath. The nurses noticed my pain and around 11PM+, I was checked for dilation again. I was 4cm and at 11.30PM, they sent me to the labour room. I was shocked I was only 4cm though because the contractions were sooooo painful.

Not long after I arrived in the labour room, the doctor broke my water. What happen next happened so fast. My contraction pain seem like doubled or tripled, coming in waves after waves. If I had to describe the pain, it was as if a knife was slicing my belly from the inside over and over again. The pain was sharp and fast and strong. I still shudder whenever I think about it because it was so unlike my first time. 

Around 12.30AM, I feel like I wanted to poop and I pooped for real πŸ˜… I called the doctor and told him I had pooped and I said I couldn’t stand it anymore and I wanted to push. He checked my dilation and you know what? It was already 9cm! No wonder the pain was so intense! I feel like I could die right then.

They prepared me for labour but at that time, I was already exhausted from the contraction pain. I had no energy to push because I didn’t eat dinner (big mistake!) But I don’t have any other choice – I have to do it anyway. I pushed and pushed and many times during labour I feel like I wanted to give up because it was hard, my technique was wrong, I had no energy to do it, etc. I requested for vacuum but they encouraged me to do it naturally. I kept repeating “I can’t do it” and I think I even cried a little because I feel useless for not being able to find the strength to push my baby out.

*I found out later from my sister (she is a nurse there; the doctor and a few of the nurses on duty that night were her friends) that the doctor had booked an operation room just in case 😱

But at last, when they saw the head, I feel like it is not long now. When the next contraction came, I held my breath as long as I could and kept pushing until the head is out. The shoulder is next and the rest of the body and I successfully delivered my baby!

She was only 3.1kg but the experience or birthing her 😱

People said it is easier to give birth to your second child and the next comparing to the first, but I disagree. It is still hard, still painful, and still give you a near-death experience. And I don’t know why, but I can feel every inch of the pain during this second childbirth. I can feel exactly when her head came out, I felt the “ring of fire” (didn’t feel that with my first), I felt my skin tear, I felt EVERYTHING. It was a very vivid experience for me.

Baby #2 came out to this world crying loudly 😁 Although I feel a tiny bit disappointed that she was indeed a girl, I fell in love right away with her. I’m a fool if I don’t after all those sweat, blood and tears.

Welcome to the world, Baby #2! She looks a lot like her sister at first but at 3 months young, they look completely different πŸ˜…



3 thoughts on “Introducing Baby #2: Labour & Delivery Story

  1. mommyb says:

    tipu ja kan chii cakap baby 2 x sakit.. gila pny sakit jg..mau nangis jg saya.. mau teran pn macam mau mati saja o..dei so vivid lg smua tu delivery process.. 😱contraction ouch dua2 x sakit perut sa o.. sa pny blkg yang sakit gila macam kana belah2 bh


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