Growth Spurt?

The past few days has been difficult. 

Baby A cries a lot more than usual. Before nursing, cry. During nursing, cry. After nursing, cry. 

Lay a few minutes on her back, cry. Tired of sitting on either me or husband’s lap, cry. Nobody talks to her, cry. 

Sleepy, cry. Hungry, cry. Nurse her, cry. The cycle repeats 😧

I am so.damn.tired of her fussiness that I feel like strangling her or throwing her out of the window #horriblemom

I don’t mean it, of course. I’m just frustrated.

For now, to me, she is a diva. Not a baby. A DIVA.


*take a deep breath*

Baby A just turned 3 month old (young? old?) so from what I read, she is probably going through another growth spurt. I don’t know what development will occur or milestone that she will meet – I’ve deleted Wonder Weeks – but I know for sure her current fussiness is frustrating!

She doesn’t want to be put down for long. She doesn’t want to lay on her back and she doesn’t want to sit on our laps anymore – she wants to STAND. Seriously. On her wobbly feet πŸ˜‚ She is okay on her tummy but she is still not strong enough so she always hits her face on the pillow or mattress after a few minutes. She likes to watch her big sister play. She’d like to join but she is still a baby and big sis always ignore her, poor thing.

And when she nurses, she cries when the milk flows too fast. She also cries when the milk is too slow. She cries when the milk comes when she doesn’t want milk anymore but still want to suck. Give her pacifier, she refuses. She only wants the real deal 😩

So hard to please the Diva 😧

She fights sleep now ohmagaaaad. She sleepier she is, the crankiness she will be 😧😧 She only sleeps or naps when she really could not stand being awake anymore πŸ˜–

Can’t wait for this phase to pass. I hardly can keep up with the demand!


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