New Blog

Are you in for a joyful ride? 😆

Hello and welcome to old and new readers 😊

I have a habit of starting a new blog whenever I feel bored or uninspired. So this time was no exception. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my old blog. Hence, the new blog.

It is also hard to write blog posts from my mobile because there are no good apps to make blogging on Blogger easier. I don’t have time to write from my laptop and my laptop is not in a good condition anymore, so my only option is blogging from my mobile. I find the WordPress app is easy to use and I like the look of it. That’s why I chose WordPress as a new start for my blog. I hope I will settle with this blog for good 😅

I am a stay-at-home mom to a toddler and a baby so my blog is basically about my motherhood journey. My blog used to be about beauty stuff because I am such a cosmetic junkie, but not anymore. I will share a bit about my life, my kids, the things I’m passionate about like books and K-dramas (haha) and whatever I feel like sharing. If you are a mom like me, maybe you can relate 😅

My blog is nothing much, I might not update it as often as I should (you know, mom!) but I hope it will give you pleasure reading it 😊


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